6 Tips On Buying The Right Pillow

Have you thought about your bed pillows recently? If your answer is “no,” or “it’s been a long time,” you’re not alone. It’s common for people to think about sleeping necessities, yet many primarily focus on their mattresses. It’s no surprise that mattresses get a lot of attention. Your Orange County mattress is the biggest and most important investment you’ll make for your sleep. Even though mattresses are important, pillows are equally essential. 


If you’re currently sleeping on a worn-out pillow that you need to fold over every night, then that’s a good indication that you need an upgrade. Even if your pillow isn’t in its final stages, it might not be the best choice for your support and overall comfort. 




Having a good, consistent sleeping posture is the key to a good night’s rest. While you sleep, your pillow helps support your body and maintain a healthy posture. You may ask, “What does this healthy posture look like?” Your body is in alignment, from the knees, hips, and spine to the shoulders, neck, and head. Sleeping wrong won’t give the neck and shoulders sufficient support, placing your spine and body out of alignment. This leads to strain and discomfort in your shoulders, neck, and back, as well as sleep deprivation


When is it time to replace your pillow?

Usually, a bed pillow should be replaced after 18 months. Natural pillows tend to last longer than synthetic pillows, and memory foam lasts up to three years. Higher quality pillows will last longer than cheaper ones. If your pillow is over 4 or 5 years old, then you’re not receiving the support you need.


Your Pick-a-Pillow guide

Selecting a pillow is a personal process. A one-size, shape, or material-fits-all mentality won’t work for pillow shopping, especially in mattress stores. To choose and purchase the perfect pillow, you need to determine your criteria. The five elements below will be a guide- use your instinct about what feels comfortable and fitting for you.

  1. Fill/fiber

There are an array of pillow fill options available. Here are some of the most common: 

  • Cotton: Cotton pillows are hypo-allergenic and tend to feel flat and firm. These are a smart choice for people who suffer from allergies. 
  • Latex: Latex pillows are quite firm but are still considered to be very comfortable. You don’t have to worry about leaving an indent in your pillow with latex because they hold their shape very well. They’re designed to deliver extra support to your head and neck as well as restrict movement that could mess with the body’s alignment. 
  • Memory Foam: Memory Foam pillows have become very popular over the years. Responding to your body’s weight and body heat, Memory Foam will soften and mold to your body in places like your head and neck. These qualities can greatly help people who suffer from discomfort during sleep.
  • Wool: Wool pillows are hypo-allergenic like Cotton and Latex. Wool pillows push heat away from your head and can help regulate your body temperature while sleeping. These pillows tend to feel more firm but have longevity. 
  1. Fill weight

Memory foam and latex are a bit on the heavier side while synthetic pillows are lightweight choices. The weight of the pillow is a personal preference. If you tend to move and reform your pillow throughout the night, a lighter pillow may be a better choice. 


  1. Quality of fill

Quality matters in each type of pillow since it dictates comfort, support, and endurance (and will be reflected by the price). When you decide on which pillow is the best type for you, select the highest quality at your budget.


  1. Size

A standard sized pillow is normally more than enough for most people. If you prefer a larger pillow, then consider a queen size. The thinness or thickness of your pillow should allow you to sleep with your head, neck, and shoulders all aligned evenly with your spine. Make sure your pillowcases match the size of your pillow. 


  1. Fabric

Cover your pillows in natural fabrics. A pillow cover under the pillowcase will help extend the pillow’s lifetime and protect against sweat stains. Decorative pillows look great on a made bed, but shouldn’t be used for sleeping. 


  1. Chemistry

Memory foam and polyester are made by a chemical process with antibacterial treatments. Be willing to invest in a reliable product, know what process your pillow was made from, and consider your sensitivities when selecting a pillow. 


Sleep is dependent on many factors. Although your Orange County mattress is a key player in how well you sleep each night, don’t forget your pillow! It’s such an important part of your sleeping environment. Having the right pillow under your head and neck can give you so much better rest at night as well as more energy during the day.