An Orthodontist From Mission Viejo Explains The Different Techniques To Keep Clean Teeth With Braces On

Wearing braces can be quite a chore, especially if you have to wear them for an extended period. It could get caught on the inside of your mouth; chewing food can be difficult, and the most significant pain of them all is having to clean your teeth. Having to clean your teeth with those braces in place is going to be a task and a half for anyone unfortunate enough to wear them for long periods, so let us walk you through how to clean them properly. According to an orthodontist from Mission Viejo, having neatly aligned teeth will mean nothing if you get gum disease because of your braces.


The Right Tool


First and foremost, you’re going to need the right tool for the job. You may be inclined to brush with a regular brush, but an electric toothbrush is going to save you a lot of time and effort. For one, you won’t have to create too much friction or movement that the activity from the electric brush can’t make on its own just from being turned on. It’ll also be very effective at removing any plaque that can build between your teeth. 


Brushing In Angles


As far as techniques go, you’re going to want to use multiple methods when brushing your brace-covered teeth. Without braces, people will want to brush their teeth at least twice a day. With braces on, you should update that to three to four times a day just to be safe, since food has a habit of getting stuck within your braces, so being thorough help. Make sure to brush in as many different angles, both your teeth and your mouth. Any leftover food in your mouth can make life challenging if you’re not thorough with your brushing techniques, according to a dentist in Mission Viejo.  




Flossing will obviously be a great challenge with the wiring of the braces getting in your way. You’re most definitely going to need special-issued dental floss customarily given by your orthodontist if you want to get this done normally. Keep in mind that due to the nature of your dental floss, you’re going to need to use mouthwash or just rinse some water between your teeth to flush out everything that was stuck inside. Otherwise, the whole exercise of you flossing in the first place will wind up being pointless.




It would be best to also consider what you eat to make life for your brace-covered teeth more convenient. According to the aforementioned orthodontist from Mission Viejo, any food that can help balance the PH level in your mouth, such as cheese, can be of great assistance to your teeth. You might also want to avoid starches as they can be tough to remove from brace-covered teeth, which can be unfortunately effective by building up plaque. 




Keep your teeth clean while wearing braces and avoid getting gum disease that could be detrimental to your teeth with the tips above. With the right actions and thoroughness, your teeth can still look good as new after you’re finished wearing your braces.