Cartoon Characters Who Definitely Have Eyelash Extensions

We often associate everyone’s love for Glendale Az eyelash extensions with some of our favorite celebrities, but what about all of the popular fictional characters drawn with lashes that you just can’t help but envy? It’s no wonder that even young girls admire these lashes when they are seen on all of their favorite toons. So which cartoons definitely look like they have eyelash extensions?


Disney Princesses

They were most likely our first exposure to luscious eyelashes. All of the princesses, from Snow White to Elsa (who is a queen for a good reason), truly rock them! It’s no wonder that many young girls grow up wanting to get lash extensions like the ones in Glendale Az.


Minnie Mouse

She is the matriarch of the Disney empire. She’s the one and only Minnie Mouse! For nearly 100 years now, she has rocked those long eyelashes. No matter how many times she has gone through a redesign, she’s simply never complete without them.


Lola Bunny

Whether or not you saw Space Jam: A New Legacy last year, chances are you know who Lola Bunny is. She is the official girlfriend of Bugs Bunny, of course! It definitely looks like she’s got some of those Glendale Az eyelash extensions for sure.


Toodles Galore

Toodles is the white female cat from the Tom and Jerry series. It’s not difficult to imagine that one of the reasons Tom loves her so much is most likely his admiration for her long lashes. 



We know exactly what you’re thinking: you’re sick of all the Disney characters. But bear with us here. How could anyone in their right mind ignore Yzma’s long eyelashes? Even if she isn’t one of the good guys, she is arguably one of the best Disney villains to date.


Usagi/Serena Tsukino

Even if you haven’t seen Sailor Moon, chances are you have heard of the character because the world’s most famous magical girl has been famously rocking those lashes for 30 years now! When you’re fighting intergalactic crime, you’ve got to do it in style, right?


Mai Valentine

While Mai from Yugio looks kind of like a female version of Yugi, you can’t help but admire those lashes, even if they are on the bottom of her eyes. It still counts!



Nami is the main female character from the hit anime series One Piece. In her redesign, she is featured with more apparent lashes that we just can’t help but admire. Did she perhaps take a trip to get some Glendale Az eyelash extensions?


An Honorary Mention


Spongebob Squarepants

You probably were not expecting to see the world’s favorite sea creature on the list. He has very simple eyelashes. However, you may recall the episode where he made Squidward a sweater purely out of his own lashes. Go figure!


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