Choosing The Cafe For Breakfast In Santa Monica



If you’re in Santa Monica and are craving for some good breakfast in the morning along with a good brew of coffee to get your day started, then you’re in luck because this city has no shortage of locations that you can choose from to get your fill. Choosing the best restaurant or coffee shop in Santa Monica that can give you the quality you desire can be challenging. This is why we will be going over some of these top locations here in this blog.


Cora’s Coffee Shop


Let’s take a look at Cora’s Coffee shop on Ocean Avenue. It has a great claim to fame because it grows its own fruits, vegetables, and other produce just a few miles away from its restaurant, thereby ensuring its food quality and freshness. Boasting some fine items on the menu like its pancakes with berries and its eggs benedict with its quality coffee, this is a cafe that you should definitely visit when you’re in the area. 


Blue Daisy Cafe


This cafe opened in 2011, making it a rather young restaurant in comparison to many of its counterparts. What makes this cafe stand out above so many others is its very famous crepes and its multitude of homemade sauces that give extra flavor and kick to the food they cook. Much like the food, their coffee is fresh and homemade and aims to please in all the right places, making it difficult to just pass upon it. 


DogTown Coffee


Known not just for having some of the best coffee in Santa Monica, this particular cafe has food available even to those on vegetarian and vegan diets, making it accessible to a wide range of people. What also draws people into this cafe is its friendly and laid-back atmosphere. It makes everyone looking to have a bite to eat or drink coffee feel welcomed and relaxed amongst friends or family. 


Little Ruby


If you’re not far from the pier of Santa Monica, then consider hopping down to this cafe to get a nice bite to eat no matter what time of the day it is. The menu is diverse, giving you access to food and drinks such as frozen margaritas even in the morning to sate your thirst for a drink that has a kick to it. Throw in the fact that this is an outdoor restaurant, so you’ll be having a great time with great food and view.




Visit any of these cafes and restaurants, and you’re almost guaranteed to have a great time. If you’re hungry enough and want to sample the local food, then visit these places so that you can enjoy what breakfast and coffee in Santa Monica offers.