Common Mistakes Made by New Eyelash Techs

When you are a new eyelash extensions tech in Chandler Arizona or anywhere else, despite your recent training and certification, you may feel nervous about finally achieving your dream and being hired at your first salon. While mistakes can be said to be a part of the learning process, sometimes they can have long-term and even detrimental effects. Not to mention they can result in appointment times becoming longer than they should be. Here are some of the most common errors made by new lash techs in the industry and tips on how you can avoid them from the professional lash techs at Raw Beauty Lounge.


Disregarding the separation process

Do not ever take shortcuts when applying Chandler Az lash extensions. As the old saying goes, haste makes waste. If you do not perform the separation process, the natural lashes will end up sticking together and damaging them. Do not pull or pluck on your client’s eyelashes. If they experience pain, stop and talk to the client. Figure out what you are doing wrong because the process should not be painful.


Not using the lash map

A lash map may sound like something only a trainee would use, but the truth is, it is useful for Chandler Az eyelash extensions techs of all skill levels. It will help dramatically improve the appearance of your clients, so be sure to always use this guide.


Using too much glue

This sounds like common sense, but you may be surprised to learn how many new techs may apply too much glue and not realize it until it is already too late. Nobody wants glumpy eyelashes that look like they were played with by an elementary schooler. Not to mention it can cause irritation to the eye, potentially resulting in a trip to the doctor. 


Not considering the heat

If you live in Arizona like us or any part of the country that gets hot during the summer, you will always need to take this into account. Heat can cause the glue to dry too quickly and make it difficult or not possible at all to apply your client’s eyelash extensions. You would have to start over again, frustrating your client and delaying the other appointments you have for the day…which is simply a recipe for disaster.


Trying to get your clients in-and-out of the salon

Depending on the exact service you are providing, you will have to learn how to reserve the appropriate time slot for all of your appointments. Rushing through appointments will result in all of the obvious mistakes being made: eyelashes falling out prematurely and a less gorgeous appearance. Not to mention, your client will leave dissatisfied and may decide to leave that nasty Yelp review that every business owner has nightmares about.


Failing to provide aftercare instructions and products

This is especially important if your client is getting Chandler or Gilbert Az eyelash extensions for the first time. It is like piercing or tattoo aftercare. You will need to provide clear aftercare instructions so that they do not unintentionally damage their eyelash extensions afterward. Provide the client with a pamphlet or any kind of written material with instructions on how to use the product so that they do not forget how to properly use them.