Contact Lens Hygiene

The LASIK Los Angeles eye doctors let us know that roughly 45 million people in the United States wear contact lenses. You could be someone who started to wear contact lenses when you were a child, or perhaps you began your contact lens journey just recently. Regardless of when you began wearing contact lenses, it’s crucial to maintain proper contact lens hygiene. It’s important to take good care of your contact lenses to get the most out of them and to keep your eyes in good condition. 


At the laser eye surgery center of Excel Laser Vision Institute, we have several recommendations for contact lens wearers. Until you ask for LASIK eye surgery cost and go ahead with an eye laser procedure, you will have to remain with your contact lenses. So, you will need the best advice to take care of your contacts. Taking care of your contact lenses isn’t difficult, but regularity is essential. The LASIK Los Angeles eye doctors have some advice for you down below about the ideal routine you should maintain daily for your contact lenses. 


  • Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before putting in and taking out your contact lenses. 
  • Remember to disinfect your contact lenses. Rinse your lenses with fresh contact solution whenever you remove them. Never use tap water or any type of water to clean your contacts – only clean your contact with contact solution. 
  • Keep in mind the “rub and rinse” method. After taking out your contacts, rub your contacts with clean fingers and rinse them with the solution.
  • Ensure that you only use fresh contact solution every day. Do not put your contacts in the solution that is a day old. The medical team at the LASIK eye center of Excel Laser Vision Institute tell us that it’s because the solution that has been sitting around usually has bacteria and dust that can accumulate on your contacts. 
  • Make sure to clean your lens once a week with distilled water. Avoid using tap water. Allow the case to air dry. 
  • Change your lens case every two to three months.
  • Adhere to the plan your eye doctor prescribed. Some contacts are meant to be changed daily, monthly, or bi-monthly. Speak to your doctor to confirm you understand how often to replace your contact lenses. If you wear contact lenses for too long, you can harm your eyes.
  • Don’t insert scratched contact lenses. If your lens is torn or scratched, get rid of them. Wearing it can cause eye damage and irritation. If your lenses are causing any discomfort or irritation doesn’t subside with a new pair, make an appointment with your ophthalmologist.

If you have any queries about contact lens hygiene or you’re feeling hesitant about whether or not contact lenses are suitable for you, get in touch with our LASIK Los Angeles clinic today. We’ll make an appointment to look over your vision history, see if you’re a good candidate for contacts, and answer any questions you may have.