Dry Sauna Benefits to the Skin

Does your skin always feel rough and aged? It could be a result of the buildup of dirt and other dead cells on the pores, thus decrease air and blood circulation within the skin cells.


Why not try out sweating in an infrared sauna? It is becoming more popular due to the relaxation and dry sauna benefits that they offer. 


According to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, sauna sessions are correlated with improved skin hydration, complexion, and overall health. 


One of the most successful types of sauna therapy is through the infrared sauna manufactured by JNh Lifestyles. The saunas they make use infrared ray-emitting lamps to heat the body directly. This infrared light is a natural, safe, and effective way to treat the skin if you want to smooth out wrinkles, clear acne, heal injuries and scars, or you want an overall rejuvenation. You can reap all these dry sauna benefits and more through regular infrared sauna sessions.


The light generated from infrared saunas eliminates the impurities on the skin, which prevents bacteria from replicating. With the skin being the largest organ in the body, the sauna is good at slowly restoring its eliminative property. That sought after healthy glow and healthy tone can easily be achieved once the bacteria causing havoc to our skin aren’t given any chance to replicate or multiply.


The result? The skin has fewer blackheads, fewer and smaller pores, and you can also expect a reduction in inflammation. 


After having an infrared sauna session, it is essential to wash the skin from the sebum. The heat from the sauna can open pores, which is excellent for detoxification yet may also cause pores to clog again if not washed properly. You may also apply a moisturizer to your skin and drink plenty of water to rehydrate after sweating.


Infrared saunas like JNHLifestyles are highly effective because they work on two significant aspects of skin health, detoxification, and circulation. We invite you to sit back, relax, “get your sweat on” and check all the other dry sauna benefits you can get from it


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