Family-Friendly Games You Can Enjoy with Your Child

There are plenty of video games out there you want to steer your kids clear of, but on the upside, there are plenty of great ones out there that are not only fun for youngsters, but they are enjoyable for adults to play, as well. If you want to share your passion for games with your kids but are unsure where to start, here are some suggestions we have compiled just for you. Enjoy!


Mario Kart

Honestly, who doesn’t love Mario? While any game in the franchise will do, we specifically recommend Mario Kart because of how super fun it is for the entire family to play! You can choose to play as a character from the franchise, and in some editions of the game, you can play as another Nintendo character or even your own Mii, then select which course you want to race on! They usually come directly from other Mario games that you know and love.

Source: The Verge


Among Us

Internet memes aside, Among Us is pretty darn fun! In case you somehow weren’t already familiar, allow us to give you a quick rundown: someone within your crew is the imposter and it is up to the rest of you to find out who it is! Although the premise is quite simple, it makes for a great family game night, especially with other relatives who live elsewhere.

Source: Steam


Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a prime example of a game where you aren’t really required to do anything in order to properly play the game. Rather, you keep making advancements to your village purely because you want to. You play as a human character who has moved to a town full of animals. It’s your job to nurture the village and make your neighbors feel as “at home” as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to pay off your debts to Tom Nook!

Source: Lazada


Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons

Ever dreamed of running your own farm? Well now you can without having to wake up at 2 am to milk your cows! You will have the opportunity to grow crops, buy animals, befriend other villagers, and even get married and start a family of your very own! It’s worth mentioning that a few years ago, Harvest Moon had to change their name to Story of Seasons for legal reasons, but nobody’s gonna sue us for using the original title that we much prefer!

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Minecraft has been ever-popular with children since its launch in late 2011. Your child will be allowed to release their creative energy with fun building… pretty much whatever they want! A village? A farm? They can even join servers to play with their friends! There is no wrong way to play Minecraft!

Source: IGN



Roblox is somewhat similar to Minecraft in the sense that you get to build whatever you like, except the avatars and the graphics are significantly different. It has been praised by critics for encouraging creative play in children. There are also parental controls available for you to use if you are concerned about your child being in contact with strangers.

Source: Stealthy Gaming