Get Rid of Acne With a Nice & Hot Far Infrared Sauna Session

Acne can be truly hurtful to one’s confidence. Whether you have had acne at some point in your life, or even if you have been lucky enough to never have acne, most people can understand how much stress comes with it. If this is relatable, then read on to find some statistical research on the matter, as well as some viable solutions to the widespread issue.

Those who study the Global Burden of Disease know that acne is among the top ten diseases worldwide. Wikipedia describes the epidemic by saying that it usually occurs during adolescence and affects about 80-90% of adolescents in the western part of the world.

It has been reported that this ratio is lower in some rural societies. Children and adults may also have been affected by puberty. Although acne has become less prevalent in adulthood, it persists in nearly half of the affected population through their 20s and 30s, while a small group of people still experience difficulties in their 40s. 

Since acne only affects appearance, it is easy to consider a non-trivial aspect. However, in a media-obsessed society, an attractive appearance is an integral part of life.


Control acne and get youthful skin 

Acne occurs when one’s follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Some may assume that keeping your skin clean prevents acne, but that is not entirely correct. 

Acne is caused due to the hair follicles that often get clogged with dead skin particles. The immune system treats the clog as invasive and produces inflammation in order to fight it. The ill-favored part of acne is usually inflammation.

Some solutions to control this issue include topical medications (creams, lotions, and gels), which can kill bacteria, fight inflammation, or block hair follicles (this is where the oil glands are).

The chemical that clogs the follicles is called retinoid, which derives from vitamin A. There is also an oral medication, called isotretinoin, which fights bacteria and balances hormones. 

Infrared saunas use tested and verified safe infrared rays. This heat passes through the human body differently than the temperatures in the traditional steam saunas. In sauna therapy, you basically heat your body by raising the room temperature with steam and heat. This can make the sauna a bit uncomfortable, so many people can hardly stay for long.

Most people tend to confuse far infrared sauna with ultraviolet. Infrared is 100% safe for your body and has numerous health benefits.


The promise of the far infrared sauna

A far infrared sauna may not cure your acne instantly but offers the following three mechanisms to help control acne.

1. Sauna cleans pores and hair follicles

As you may already know, a sauna is meant to make a person sweat. Sweat will soften and take away the dead skin that may cause blockages and acne otherwise. It can also bring excess oil to the surface. Therefore, sweating can be helpful to someone who suffers from cystic acne.

2. Sauna bath can reduce skin inflammation

Working out and exercising is proven to increase one’s heart rate. An effective sauna session can make you sweat just as much as exercising. As a result, improved blood flow can help remove waste products and inflammation byproducts.

Reduced inflammation results in fewer chances of acne and improved blood flow will provide your skin with nutrients, which is why many people claim they come out of the sauna with a healthy glow. In any case, the heat of the sauna can certainly help alleviate existing acne.

Infrared heat also minimizes scars caused by acne. For effective results, wash your face with a mild cleanser after the sauna session.

3. Saunas are also very relaxing.

Most people associate acne with stress. Stress is one of the major reasons for hormonal imbalance, and too many hormones can trigger too much oil production, which can cause clogged pores and follicles. Relaxation induced by the sauna leads to less stress, which provides fewer opportunities for hormone imbalances. 

Sauna-promoted relaxation may help prevent acne. There are studies that show that infrared sauna treatments reduce pores, inflammation, and in turn, may help prevent, alleviate, or control acne overall.

Infrared heat will show your skin magical results. Have a nice and hot sauna session a few minutes every day or a few hours a week to have glowing skin. Infrared rays can also minimize the scars left on your face by acne. A sauna can certainly help anyone trying to get rid of acne, but you have to make sure to use the correct sauna!

Remember, any harsh chemicals can be irritable to your skin. Always use a mild cleanser after spending time in the sauna. Even if you choose to go to the sauna using infrared, it won’t do you any good unless you wash your face after.

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