Habits To Avoid Before Bed

Whenever you sleep on a mattress, there are certain activities that could greatly disrupt how well you rest. According to Orange County mattress stores experts, getting a good night’s rest is easily one of the most important aspects of your life, so taking the time to know what you shouldn’t do to ruin your sleep is crucial to maintaining peak physical and mental health. Here’s the list:



Exercise is no doubt important to both physical and mental health. However, doing so just before sleeping can make it quite difficult for you to ease into rest. Your body will still be in an active state, causing you to be restless as you lay on your bed. There’s nothing wrong with a stretch or two to get the blood circulation going, but getting pumped with too much strenuous activity 3 hours or so before bed will make rest very challenging. 


Late Night Consumption

You would be surprised by the ways through which food and drink consumption could interrupt your sleep. If you consumed too many liquids, you’d find yourself having to wake up constantly in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, which can make trying to fall back into sleep several times quite an effort. If you overeat before you sleep, you might have a case of indigestion. Your body will also be put in a conflicting mood as it’s trying to digest the food that you’ve eaten, and it’s also trying to make you relax so you can sleep.



Your sleep will get disrupted if you see your phone light or hear it ring in the middle of the night. So if you have anything you want to look at on your phone, wait until morning. It also helps to place your gadget away from your bed before you sleep.



This is one of the biggest no-nos when trying to sleep. Even if you enjoy stimulants like caffeine or monster energy, never drink before you go to sleep. The energy and stimulation that coffee will give you and its accelerated heart rate effect will make resting difficult, which can often lead to you suffering from fragmented sleep. 



There are plenty of things to avoid for you to get a good night’s rest. A trip to Orange County mattress stores is pointless if you don’t change your habits, and it doesn’t matter how great your mattress is if you don’t care for your body enough to take care of it.