Holistic Tips To Avoid Tooth Decay From an Orange County Ca Dental Implant Specialist

Oral hygiene is essential. Without proper care, your teeth could be susceptible to issues like developing tooth decay. Tooth decay is a serious issue because it can result in cavities and toothaches. It can even cause tooth loss at most advanced stages and can only be rectified with dental implants from an Orange County ca specialist. The good news is that this is preventable with the aid of some healthy habits. Below, we’ll explore tooth decay in more detail, as well as some holistic methods for keeping your teeth clean. 


What is tooth decay? 

Simply put, tooth decay is the weakening of one’s tooth from bacteria. There are several stages of this process. It begins when the bacteria in the mouth feed on leftover starches and sugars that haven’t been adequately cleaned. At this point, plaque forms around the teeth and gum line. This part is where tooth decay occurs, as the acid in the plaque erodes the tooth’s enamel causing a cavity. If decay doesn’t stop at this point, deterioration will continue into the dentin and pulp. Unfortunately, this may lead to severe pain as the pulp protects the tooth’s blood vessels and nerves. The decay can cause the pulp to swell and press into sensitive tissues. Overall, it is evident why it’s necessary to try and avoid tooth decay with proper oral hygiene, and holistic dental tips can certainly help with that. 


What is holistic dentistry? 

Holistic dentistry is an approach to medicine that says dentists should look at the patient’s health as a whole instead of the teeth only. Traditional dentists often treat their patients using quick fixes. In contrast, holistic dentists take their time to understand the cause of the problem to devise a treatment plan that fixes your teeth and keeps your body healthy in the long run. Holistic dentistry also emphasizes natural methods of healing that won’t put your body in harm. For example, in the case of implants, traditional dentists often use titanium, which may cause discolored gums, allergic reactions, and corrosion that may cause future health problems. However, our Orange County Ca dental implants specialists at Aria Dental only use Zirconia, a durable bioinert ceramic implant that is plaque or corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic. 


Aria Dental understands that oral health indicates overall health, which is why we focus on natural methods of long-term healing and preventive care to keep our patients in their best shape. So, if you’re looking for actions you can take to keep tooth decay at bay, look no further than our holistic tips that can save you and your pleasant smile healthy all year long!


Four holistic tips for preventing tooth decay

With regards to preventing tooth decay, there are two main goals to keep in mind. First, you should keep the mouth as clean as possible to reduce the number of bacteria in it. The reason is that bacteria directly cause tooth decay, so it’s crucial to stay on top of this issue by practicing good oral hygiene regularly. Secondly, you should keep your teeth strong, so bacteria can’t destroy the enamel as quickly. Here are four tips to have a smile that’s clean, strong, and, most importantly, decay-free. 


1) Ozone therapy 

Ozone therapy involves using ozone molecules to remove excess bacteria in the mouth. This painless and minimally invasive treatment apply either liquid or gaseous ozone to teeth and gums. In doing so, these molecules can kill the bacteria by neutralizing the acidity of saliva. If you’re interested in trying ozone therapy, visit us at Aria Dental, one of the best Orange County dentist clinics, to schedule an appointment today! 


2) Watch what you eat 

Your diet is crucial to your oral health. Sugar and carbs can weaken your enamel, promote the growth of bacteria, and make your mouth more acidic, all of which can lead to the rapid development of tooth decay. It’s best to limit your intake of these foods. On the flip side, eating more alkaline foods, like vegetables, is a great way to neutralize the pH levels of your saliva and discourage bacterial growth. 


3) Remineralize your teeth 

Remineralizing teeth involves strengthening of bone, so bacteria is less likely to erode it successfully. This process occurs by incorporating more nutrients in your diet that encourages this remineralization. Vitamins and minerals like Calcium, K2, and D3 are great for providing your teeth with this much-needed strength, whether you choose to eat foods that contain these nutrients or take supplements! 


4) Stay on top of brushing and flossing

Brushing and flossing regularly are essential to avoid tooth decay. Brushing twice a day with a fluoride-free toothpaste and flossing with Waterpik daily can do wonders for your oral health as they’ll remove all the excess food lodged in your teeth where bacteria could feed on and turn into plaque.