Honey Sticks and Tea: A Perfect Way To Achieve Flavor and Immune Fighting Assistance

A combo that is often relied on for sick days, when you’re trying to rid the feeling of a sore throat or the sniffles! However, this remedy is more than just a comforting drink. While being naturally delicious, honey also adds extra amounts of natural antioxidants and other compounds to support your body’s immune system.


What Is A Honey Stick? 

Honey sticks, otherwise known as honey straws, have grown as a healthy snack option containing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that all aim to boost your immune system. Filled with rich flavored honey, the convenient straw-like containers provide a strong source of energy. In addition to the benefits, there are numerous flavored honey sticks available for purchase to enhance the flavors in all the different ways you choose to enjoy it. This could be in tea, a quick snack, or to add a bit of sweet flavor in your favorite dishes. 


Just In Case: This Is How You Can Open A Honey Stick 

With Scissors: The straw has two enclosed ends, so snip the tip of the straw on either side. 

No Scissors: You can use your teeth to pinch the tip of the straw, and it will create an opening similar to the cut from a pair of scissors. 


Ancient Uses of Honey

There are no secrets of the powers of honey in a therapeutic aspect. As far as 8,000 years ago, honey was said to be used as an antibiotic type of ointment and had a special impact on ancient societies as a medicinal remedy. For example, Egyptians speed up the healing of wounds and hieroglyphics indicate honey used as a protector from surgical incisions from infection. Additionally, Chinese medicine says that honey is a well-balanced substance that brings remedy to indigestion and even stomach ulcers. 


Why Adding Honey To Tea Is Important

Research has since backed the earliest use of honey to effectively work as suspected. From this, it was found that the antibacterial elements that make up honey in fact work for various medical treatments including cuts and wounds. The antioxidants likewise help to protect cells and support the body’s ability to fight off sickness.

The idea of spreading honey directly onto your body may not seem appealing; however, implementing honey into other aspects of your life will benefit you just as well. One of the best ways is to use honey sticks for tea which is an easy and tasteful way to reap the natural benefits. Honey sticks are also a great substitute to table sugar and sweeteners that offer little nutritional benefit and bring up no unique flavor besides the sweetness. 

First, let’s understand the differences between the types of honey and how your choice of honey sticks can affect your unique lifestyle.  


Using Honey In Your Tea

Honey sticks are sweeter than sugar and can naturally go a long way. If you were to set a measure for honey to tea ratio, it would be best to use one honey stick per one cup of tea. It’s good to remember that if the water is too hot, it can kill the phytochemicals within the honey that is most desired. Try to keep the water warm but not too hot to touch.

The addition of the hint of sweetness and exposure to natural antioxidants make using honey a smart decision for tea. Honey sticks offer a variety of flavors as well as healthy compounds to help prepare the body to fight off infections. Just remember that honey is a preventative tool, not an instant cure. 

Simple and viable habits are key to good health and strong immunity. Using flavored honey sticks for tea can certainly help you feel better when you feel sick, but drinking it prior will help you keep a strong immunity. Try out combinations of flavored honey sticks and discover the new varieties of taste and sweetness in your tea!