How Infrared Saunas Heal Your Body

Heat therapy has been recognized throughout history for its health benefits. Ancient therapists understood that mild fever could be a useful treatment tool against various diseases. Greek doctors raised their patient’s body temperatures to increase their ability to fight off infections.

Many healthcare professionals recognize that a controlled, sauna-induced fever can have extraordinary healing effects. A slight increase in body temperature produces a natural biological defense and healing effect by activating the immune system, thereby eliminating the destructive pathogens in the body.

Today, many health clinics know that infrared sauna-induced fevers can be very effective in treating infections.


How dry sauna benefits your body

The sun generates far-infrared light/heat. This is the bandwidth of invisible sunlight. Even if our eyes cannot detect this bandwidth of light, our bodies feel the warmth. 

You can experience far-infrared heat for hours without ever damaging your skin or harming your body. No oil or emulsion is required for protection.

Does sauna health benefits include healing wounds? ​​Far-infrared is a way of heating the human body by direct molecular excitation without heating the air. It penetrates the tissues of the body deeper than near-infrared. When your body absorbs waves, it encourages the transfer of water across cell membranes.

Once the cell membrane is hydrated, your blood flow is enhanced, producing a variety of bio repair functions that are beneficial to the body. The most notable feature of far-infrared heat is that its excellent penetrating power is much lower than that of the epidermal layer.

When this happens, it produces natural harmonic resonances in your body inside the cell, with many beneficial properties.

Infrared energy measures wavelengths in micrometers. The human body can absorb infrared energy in the range of 3 to 50 micrometers, and the best absorption occurs at 9.4 micrometers (the same wavelength as a stationary human body).

These infrared radiations penetrate deep into the body, where they slowly raise the body’s core temperature and help expand capillaries, thereby stimulating blood circulation and providing healing oxygen.

By using infrared saunas to increase the temperature of the tissues beneath the surface, a series of physical and chemical changes have taken place in the body that are most beneficial to human health.


The dry sauna benefits in healing 

For the most part, the understanding of this phenomenon was limited to the current use of heating lamps that generate radiant heat.

Infrared saunas are so unique because they use radiation to directly penetrate the body’s tissues, reaching depths of more than 2.5 inches in different parts of the body.

The light energy output of the infrared sauna can be adjusted to be very close to the radiant energy of the human body itself so that the human body absorbs nearly 93% of the heat waves to reach the skin.

Less than 20% of the energy heats the air, and more than 80% of the power can be directly converted into heat in our body. As a result, infrared saunas can heat their users to greater depths and are more effective than traditional saunas.

The lower cabin air temperature is perfect for those who are concerned about cardiovascular risk factors that occur in traditional hot air/convection heated saunas.


Broad benefits

A healthy amount of sweat allows your skin to eliminate waste products from the body. It enhances the skin’s ability to detoxify and makes full use of the skin’s ability to adjust its protective layer and pH.

But the benefits of an infrared sauna go far beyond this. Far-infrared light penetrates beyond the superficial skin layer and is absorbed by the underlying cells and tissues, which can be beneficial for many health issues. .

The effects of far-infrared light is the promotion of biological processes such as increased metabolism, blood circulation, immune system responses, and increased core body temperature. Infrared saunas also promote microcirculation. This provides more healing oxygen to injured tissue in cartilage, joints, and musculoskeletal muscles.

Toxins and heavy metals inhibit the pulsating energy of these cells and tissues and prevent the removal of toxic metabolic waste. With the gradual accumulation of toxins, the total toxic load in your body will overwhelm the immune system and, mostly, biological processes.

Toxic overload in our body is responsible for a variety of harmful chemical changes that will ensure a range of chronic diseases that confuse most medical communities.

Infrared sauna health benefits are numerous and are designed to improve your overall health. Give it a try, and you will notice the amazing effects yourself.