How to Recover from Cataract Surgery?

The development of cataracts in the eye is highly common, and this could even lead to visual loss. The good news is that there are ways to have safe and painless cataract surgery in Los Angeles. The procedure involves the replacement of the clouded lens with an artificial one to restore vision. The LASIK eye center professionals in Los Angeles explained that the preparation prior to the cataract surgery is only half of the patient’s journey. It is also important to give emphasis to the process of recovery after having corrective eye surgery. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind for post-operation recovery.


Recovery Time

Recovery time from cataract surgery in Los Angeles is relatively short compared to other eye surgeries. Most patients experience better vision within the first 24 hours after the procedure. However, each patient has a unique recovery time depending on their body. One of the best Lasik eye centers in Los Angeles explains that soreness and discomfort felt by patients should disappear within a couple of days. Depending on the size and nature of cataract corrective eye surgery, the approximate full recovery from the surgery takes approximately four to six weeks. It is important to note that you should observe some practices to ensure a complete and quick recovery. Simple activities can be done once you feel like you have recovered enough from the operation.


Post Operation Practices

There are precautionary measurements that should be observed, especially in the first two weeks after having cataract surgery in Los Angeles. This period is critical to avoid any complications during the recovery period. Eye drops are sometimes recommended for patients to prevent inflammation and infection for the first week of recovery. Pain relievers such as acetaminophen may also be prescribed if slight discomfort is felt by the patient. To ensure a safe and speedy recovery, it is recommended to avoid driving after having the surgery. Strenuous activities such as lifting heavy objects should also be avoided. Swimming and soaking in a hot tub should not be done in the first two weeks after the surgery. Sunglasses should also be worn during bright days. Areas with high amounts of eye irritants such as dust, wind, pollen, and dirt should also be avoided during the recovery period.


Doctor’s Instruction

The expert at the Lasik eye center in Los Angeles says that the road to recovery from cataract surgery is a personal affair, but it is necessary to always involve your eye doctor every step of the way. Follow-up appointments should be diligently observed to ensure an effective healing process. Regularly put eye drops as prescribed by your doctor. Immediate medical care should be sought if you feel eye pain or have pus draining from your eye. When your vision gets worse or if you still have bloodshot eyes after 3 to 4 days, contact your doctor immediately. One of the symptoms that you should watch out for includes the occurrence of strange flashes of light within your field of vision. Closely monitor your health, and be sure to seek professional help regarding your corrective eye surgery should you notice abnormalities.



Cataract corrective eye surgery can be done in an easy and painless way. However, the road to recovery can be quite tricky if you do not observe the precautionary practices. In order to have an efficient recovery from the surgery, it is important to note the things that you should and should not do for your eyes. If you notice abnormalities in your eye during your recovery, seek the help of professionals at the Lasik eye center in Los Angeles to help you address your concerns.