Learn How Makeup Can Affect Your Eye Health from LASIK Los Angeles Experts

Most people can agree that eye health is important, whether you have perfect vision, need glasses, wear contacts, or get laser eye surgery from a LASIK Los Angeles clinic. Our eyes help us look at, understand, and appreciate the world around us. So, when we go through our daily routines, we should take measures to protect our eyes from any potential harm. One eye care habit that people commonly practice is wearing sunglasses outside to shield their eyes from harmful rays. However, Los Angeles LASIK experts say that many people do not consider the products that they expose their eyes to on a regular basis, from shampoos to lotions to makeup. 


Makeup is probably one of the biggest eye irritants that people do not think about when they are considering their general eye health. This does not mean that no one should ever wear makeup. It simply requires a certain amount of awareness and conscious effort. When buying one’s makeup products, LASIK experts in Los Angeles recommend checking makeup ingredients. It is also important to think about how you are applying your makeup and discover if these techniques are safe for your eyes. 


So, whether or not you have visited a LASIK eye center in Los Angeles, you should try to follow these eye makeup guidelines in order to protect and promote eye health. 


Pay Attention to Makeup Products

While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest or trendiest option at the makeup store, you should really look into the products that you are using on your eyelids and around your eyes. There are currently some brands that claim to be hypoallergenic or safe for contact lens wearers. You might want to do a little research to find the right brand for you. Remember to test out products on your hand before applying to your face to make sure that you are not sensitive to the ingredients. Since the skin around your eyes is much thinner than the rest of your face, it can react more easily to irritants. 


Avoid Putting Makeup on Waterline

If you don’t know, the waterline is the thin, flat space behind your eyelashes. It is the innermost part of the eyelid that touches your eye. Some people will fill in this area with eyeliner in order to create a certain contrastive look. However, most eye doctors will agree that this is not a good idea. You can actually block tear ducts and other glands by doing this, which can cause dry eyes and irritation. Applying makeup this close to the eye also runs the risk of transferring bacteria. If you still decide to practice this makeup technique, then be sure to use sensitive products, clean applicators, and give your eyes a break from it every so often. 


Keep Makeup Tools Clean

The best way to protect your eyes when you’re applying makeup is to ensure that all of your tools are clean. For example, you can resharpen and cap eyeliner pencils after each use in order to ensure that the tip is not contaminated with bacteria. Twist-up eyeliners can be wiped with a soft cloth to shed the recently used surface. Make sure to wash your brushes regularly and wipe off any excess makeup products after using them. 


Invest in Good Makeup Remover

Everyone knows that you’re not supposed to sleep in your makeup, but not everyone knows how to properly take off their makeup. Some people may use a cloth makeup remover, a liquid solution, or simply soap and water in the shower. You may find luck by combining two methods in order to ensure that all makeup particles are fully removed. If you are going to buy a makeup remover, make sure that it is oil-free and fragrance-free. Oil-based removers can block the glands in your eyes and fragrances can act as an irritant. 


Makeup can be used as an expression of one’s self and a confidence booster. However, it can also present some risks to your eyes. In order to maintain excellent eye health, you want to ensure that you are practicing proper eye care routines. Keep your eyes protected and consider LASIK eye surgery to eliminate the inconvenience of contacts and glasses from your life and achieve your best possible vision.