Making Your Bed in the Morning Can Improve Your Way of Life

There are strictly two types of people in the world: individuals who make their bed in the morning, and those who don’t. Experts at mattress stores in San Diego say that if you’re one of those individuals who fall into the second category, adding bed-making to your morning or daily routine altogether can have some very beneficial effects on your way of life. 


It Starts Your Day on a Positive Note

Let’s face it, you have people who are naturally early birds while you also have those who simply struggle to get out of bed when the sun is rising. Some individuals find it difficult to get up in the morning because they don’t want to face the amount of work that needs to be done throughout the day. Here’s a little tip for those who are overwhelmed with the number of tasks and duties that must be completed; making a list the night before can help. When you are figuring out what must be done in the morning, we recommend that you start with a few little tasks first. For example, you can brush your teeth, make a cup of coffee, and make your bed.


Let’s say you take maybe 30 seconds to a minute to make your bed first thing in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply smoothening the wrinkles from your comforter or fluffing out your pillows; whatever it takes to make your bed look settled. Once you finish this task, you’d be surprised at how accomplished you’ll feel. Because of this, you are more motivated to tackle bigger and more challenging tasks, like getting yourself together for work. 


Seeing Clutter Heightens Your Level of Stress

A messy bedroom goes beyond just an inconvenience, it could actually damage your mental health. Bedroom clutter overstimulates your senses which has been proven to even cause anxiety. Your bedroom, and more importantly your bed, are meant to be safe havens. These are supposed to be the places where you can relax and unwind from the stress of the day- it shouldn’t add to it!


Since your bed is a part of your sleeping sanctuary, it should be treated as such. To see your mattress from a mattress store draped in blankets and buried underneath an uneven arrangement of pillows gives off the feeling that a tornado might have swept right through. It’s rough for you because you’re the one left to clean up the mess. You’re adding more to your plate than necessary. If it looks like a mess, then you could possibly associate your mattress and sleep with that mess. Having things clean and organized further enhances a productive and positive mindset instead.


Setting Up A Routine is Important

Have you ever come across someone (or maybe you, yourself are that someone) who says “If I’m going to sleep in it again then who cares if my bed is messy?” In all honesty, you should really care that it’s messy.


Believe it or not, incorporating bed-making into your morning routine stimulates your brain. The brain loves going through routines, it makes it work. Think. Fixing up your bed in the morning is a very solid aspect of an entire complete morning routine. Even if your morning ends up being horrible, making your bed after waking up in the morning helps you feel like you’re still a little put together.


It’s a small victory that adds a little positivity to the day

When something doesn’t go right in the morning, your mood for the remainder of the day could be shot down too. Likewise, if you do something good, something like completing a small, productive task in the morning, it can set a positive mood for the remaining hours of the day. Sleep experts from Mattress Sale Liquidators, one of the leading mattress stores in San Diego, also say not to forget that a solid morning routine is only the aftermath of a solid bedtime routine the night prior.