Movies About Massage Therapy You Need to Watch Right Now!

If you are a Santa Monica massage fanatic (if not, what are you doing?), then you may have found yourself reading a multitude of books and articles all about it – but did you know there are fascinating documentaries and general movies about massage therapy that you can stream right now? That’s right! Go ahead, grab the popcorn, and turn on one of these incredibly entertaining flicks! Enjoy!


The Five Senses (1999)

In this movie, each of the five senses is represented by a certain person in a particular profession. Touch is represented by none other than a massage therapist named Ruth Seraph. She is assigned to treating patient Anna Miller. This film is not safe for work (NSFW), so be sure to not watch it around any minors.


Touchy Feely (2013)

This film has a rather interesting premise to it. Abby is a licensed massage therapist who, despite practicing for years, develops an aversion for skin after moving in with her boyfriend. Naturally, this makes her unable to perform her job duties, and she takes a leave of absence in order to resolve this newfound problem. How will this impact Abby’s relationship with her boyfriend, and how will she be able to return to work again? You’ll just have to tune in order to find out!


The Healing Touch (2017)

This television movie follows seven people, all from different walks of life, who are in the process of becoming licensed massage therapists. You will have the chance to get to know each student and what made them decide to embark on this highly rewarding career path.


Touched: A Massage Therapy Story (2020)

This short film explores the world of world-class massage therapist Jonathan Grassi. Learn all about the path that led him to his ultra-successful career as well as his own approach to the art of massage therapy.


The Spring Comes (2021)

This groundbreaking documentary produced by Chinese filmmakers Sally Chen and Paiyan Xia follows Juanjuan, a blind massage therapist living in Beijing. She lives where she works and is a single mother. Despite being in a career that she is truly passionate about, the challenging circumstances of her life make it difficult for her to truly feel free. Juanjuan definitely seems like a sharp individual, and we honestly wonder what she would think of Asian massage practices in Santa Monica.


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