No Boys Allowed? Why Eyelash Extensions Aren’t Just for Women

We often associate eyelash extensions in Chandler, AZ as a beauty practice reserved for women, but the truth is, many men benefit from them, as well! But why? Besides, men naturally have longer and thicker hair than women, including their eyelashes, so what gives?! Well, it actually turns out that many women find long, dark lashes on men quite attractive. So in other words: long lashes are a good thing for everybody! 


So can men benefit from our lash extensions in Chandler, AZ? We’re glad you asked! If you’re a guy and you have been considering eyelash extensions but have been avoiding doing so in fear of judgment from others, you certainly aren’t alone. We want to assure you that there is nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your eyelashes and there are in fact many advantages to doing so.

Here are several reasons why men should contemplate getting one of our eyelash extension services:


  • It will draw attention to your eyes

They say that your eyes are the window to your soul. Eye contact is just as key as body language when communicating with others, and you of course want to make a good impression with your eyes when you are meeting others. Getting lash extensions can help you feel more confident when you are connecting with others.


  • You will look and feel more like a celebrity

Contrary to what many may believe, it’s not only women who put a high emphasis on their looks. Many professional actors and male models seek eyebrow extensions to make them appear more attractive to the public. You don’t have to star in the next hit Netflix series to achieve a better look. With lash extensions, you are sure to feel more confident in the selfies you take for your personal Snapchat as well as feeling more appealing to your love interest.


  • It will help reverse your age

Unfortunately, the urban legend of the fountain of youth doesn’t exist, but getting lash extensions can serve as the next best thing. Shorter eyebrows typically make a person look older. If you want to restore your face to its former glory, then touching up your eyelashes is definitely a good course of action to take.


We’re here to serve our fellow Arizonians

Regardless of your gender, we at Raw Beauty Lounge believe that all people should be able to enjoy the benefits of beautiful eyelash extensions in Chandler, AZ.  We have been voted the most professional beauty salon in Arizona every year since 2019, and we are confident that we can help you start smiling with your eyes a little better with the help of our beauty professionals. Why not give yourself the treatment that you rightfully deserve? If you’re ready to finally get the eyelash extensions that will truly enhance your life, go ahead and send us a message via the contact form on our website today or give us a call at (480) 681-5244. Be sure to also stay in touch with us on our Facebook and our Instagram pages! We can hardly wait to have you!