Shop For These 4 Pillow Types For Your Orange County Mattress

With a comfortable mattress, pillows are an essential factor in achieving a good night of sleep, which means that finding the perfect pillow is just as important as searching to find your perfect Orange County mattress. Over time pillows have become more diverse and innovative. With all the new technology and innovation going into sleep science, it’s important that you make the right decision when purchasing a pillow online or at a store in person. Take a look at your current pillow; it may be time to put down that year-old pillow and search for a new option. One made with unique fillings that fit your body and sleep needs personally. 

Here is a list of 4 different types of pillows that you should know about that will help you find the best pillow for you to achieve the best night of sleep on your mattress


Down Pillows 


Down is a soft group of fibers that can be found closest to a bird’s skin, primarily its chest. The down in most pillows usually comes from a goose or swan. When the material is clustered, there is an insulating quality added to the pillow. Most of these types of pillows are filled with feathers, so the pillow will often leave feathers around. 


  • Insulating and longer-lasting than synthetic options. 
  • Lightweight, natural, and soft. 
  • More cushion than firm. The best type of material for stomach sleepers. 


  • It May be hard to clean and requires fluffing 
  • Allergies could be associated with the down material 
  • Maybe on the pricier side. 


Memory Foam Pillows


Memory foam pillows are made from polyurethane or more commonly known as visco-elastic. These pillows are top-rated because of their density and support to your head and neck, which allow you to move while you sleep naturally. Over the time you’re not using it, the pillow will regain its original shape and be brand new by the time you lay your head on it to sleep again. 

For some people who suffer from acid reflux or GERD, memory foam is the best option because it can be made in a wedge-like shape to help issues that affect your esophagus. Memory foam pillows are made in all types of shapes that are covered by an outside layer that makes them look like a traditional pillow. The popularity comes from the same reason people like memory foam mattresses- it helps you sleep with an aligned neck and spine.


  • Contouring to head and neck – durability. 
  • Strong support for pain relief or health issues 
  • Variety of shapes and sizes for the body 


  • Can be too firm for people who sleep on their stomach. 


Gel Pillows


Gel pillows are infused with a gel that helps keep the temperature of the pillow cool, persistent, and condensed. The gel filling also prevents the pillow from losing support but can be molded to a different shape for personal comfort needs. Sometimes you may see memory foam pillows with a gel layer around them. This type of pillow is like a hybrid between the two that incorporates the gel’s cooling features with the contouring possibilities of the memory foam.  


  • Cool sleeping surface and relieves pressure
  • Hypo-allergenic 
  • Shaking and fluffing is not required to keep the pillow strong 
  • It can be combined with other types of fillings like memory foam 


  • It might not fit all the needs of every sleeper 
  • Your head won’t sink into the pillow as a traditional down pillow would. 


Latex Pillows


Latex pillows are extracted from rubber trees. These types of pillows have become popular as a pillow filling because they are soft but still contribute supportive qualities, not to mention the long-life durability. 


  • It will keep its shape and supportiveness


  • Bad for people who suffer from latex allergies
  • Lacks breathability 


You know the feeling of messing with your pillow when you’re trying to get your pillow in the right position when it’s moving around. You were resting on the edge of it. You tried to fold it in half. It’s surprising to see that the slight change in the material in your pillow can have such an effect on the type of sleep you receive. A pillow for your mattress can make or break your sleep success. Research what’s right for you and take your time in finding the best type of pillow for your sleep needs in Orange County. Your body will thank you.