The Types Of Futons Available At Mattress Stores in San Diego



Futons are a unique breed of mattresses. They are usually thinner than your average bed, but have a surprising amount of padding and are very portable. They can also double as a couch if you have the right frame for it. Here, we’re going to understand the different types of futons you can find in mattress stores in San Diego. This is not to be confused with the Japanese style futons. In this article, we will be discussing the western-styled futons that are popular in the market.


Lounger Frame


Also known as love-seats or space savers, these futons have an extra leg that can be extended or retracted depending on your preferences. This allows the Lounger Frame to be used as a couch or a bed due to its ability to extend outwards, allowing more body length to stretch on it. This allows you to save a great deal of space for whatever room you decide to put this in, whether it be in a guest room, living or even your bedroom. You can even acquire futon sliding drawers to save even more space when it comes to storage, allowing you to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your sleeping area.


Bi-Fold Frame


If you want a more simplified form of a futon, then a bi-fold frame will serve you best with its ability to form a sleeping area with just two body parts. The backrest area will form the part that will fall flat and help form the bed that you will use. Some Bi-fold frames have extra parts that can be used to make a bench, making this specific type of futon very versatile for its simplistic design.


Lounge Futon


Living up to its name and being designed for lounging as well as resting, this futon has multiple settings. It can be positioned like a couch, halfway between a couch and a bed, and finally, like a bed. When visiting a mattress store in San Diego, get one that will allow you to adjust to different notches for maximum comfort to your back. 


Bunk Bed


When it comes to being unique, it’s difficult to compete with the bunk bed futon in terms of its design. This futon is a combo of a regular bed on top and an adjustable futon couch/mattress that is right below it, allowing two different sleeping methods and two different mattresses that you can sleep in. This allows you to have multiple options when you have people over and need some extra sleeping space for family or guests. 




If you just want the mattress itself, that works too. Futon mattresses, if taken care of, are often built to last, especially if they are made out of foam and coiled springs to increase their durability. These beds can be surprisingly comfortable if made out of the right material and should be taken advantage of to maximize said comfort. 




Futons are a very convenient bed to sleep in, especially if saving space or money is high in your list of priorities. These are just a few examples of the many styles of futons that are available to you when you visit a mattress store in San Diego