Three Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Child a Second Language

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for children to be bilingual. Monolingual families can become envious of their friends who are able to communicate in more than one language. High school students are required to take foreign language but still many cannot communicate properly. Even if you only speak English, there are plenty of reasons why your child need to pick up on another language. Check them out.

Being bilingual helps with brain development

Being able to speak two languages can help you grow a child’s developing brain. A bilingual person has more opportunities for cognitive development than someone who only speaks one language. Dual consciousness enables processing of information from both tongues at once. This character is essential when it comes to thinking outside the box or problem solving with mathematics! You might be surprised that minds don’t have any trouble switching back and forth between sets of rules. This leads towards little slowing down or no confusion that will need a major indicator that something needs fixing. In addition, research shows cerebral organization also improves after speaking another tongue.

Bilingual people show increased empathy and cultural sensitivity

Bilingual people express being more empathetic, sensitive to others’ needs. This leads many bilinguals towards becoming social workers or charity organizers. This type of work takes an active role rather than waiting around someone else help out regarding your personal situation. Bilingual individuals understand better at intentions in comparison with monolingual speakers. This is because code-switching allows them access to two different languages. This gives rise not just to increased awareness across cultures…but also deeper insight into your own culture as well! 

Academic and career benefits

Your child will have an easier time in their future college language courses if they already know another language. For example, if your child already knows a lot of Spanish, they will have an easier time learning another romance language they may choose to study in university. In addition, it opens doors to new career prospects if they are able to communicate with a wider population of people. On a more personal note, they can also make more friends this way!

Parents can find ways to get their child interested in other cultures and languages. Perhaps, you can introduce the culture or food where the language is spoken to your child. You may also allow them to learn simple words and phrases related to them. Some people have reported success in showing kids some of their favorite shows dubbed in another language. Do your children love Encanto? Maybe show them the Spanish version of the movie. Joining social groups devoted to language learning or hiring a private tutor can lead to the right direction.