Tired of Itchy Eyes? Learn How to Manage this Condition

According to experts at a LASIK clinic in Los Angeles, there are many reasons why someone might experience itchy eyes. The severity of this condition often varies, depending on the sensitivity of the person and the triggering effect. One of the most common reasons for itchy eyes is allergies. However, there are other irritating factors that could come into play depending on the situation. The best way to target this problem is to visit an eye doctor and have a proper evaluation. Short-term solutions include prescription eye drops or cold compresses. However, some contact-lens-wearers may find an even greater solution in laser vision correction procedures like LASIK.


Some examples of allergens that can cause itchy eyes are pollen, dander, and dust. People who wear contacts are more at risk of developing more severe symptoms because tiny particles can get stuck on and behind contact lenses. In these cases, eyes can become swollen, red, and extremely itchy. Other household irritants that can be exacerbated by contact lenses include makeup and artificial tears as well as fragrant lotions and soaps. 


Many people look for an eye clinic that offers the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles such as Excel Laser Vision Institute in order to solve these problems. Vision correction procedures allow many people to eliminate the need for contacts entirely, which in turn relieves their itchy eye syndrome. Contact lens intolerance is a frequent issue that cannot be resolved by any other means than by eliminating the corrective lenses. Fortunately, LASIK eye surgery cost has become even more reasonable over the years, especially at Los Angeles clinics. Many people think of the procedure as an investment that not only provides a long-term solution to their vision problems but also improves their experience during allergy season. 


Depending on the severity of itchy eye symptoms, it may be necessary to consult an eye care professional. Here are some of the reasons why an individual may be experiencing itchy eyes: 


  • Excessive use of digital devices
  • Excessive reading
  • Prolonged contact wear
  • Medications (birth control, diuretics, allergy medicines, beta blockers)
  • Health issues (Sjogren’s syndrome, diabetes, lupus, arthritis) 
  • Dry climate
  • Diet lacking in essential fatty acids
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) or other infections
  • Tear-producing gland dysfunction 
  • Blepharitis


Treatments for itchy eyes can vary depending on the root cause of the symptom. However, individuals should always consult a doctor in order to ensure that the appropriate method is used. Some simple and safe home remedies include using lubricating eye drops and gently cleaning eyes with a soft washcloth. It is best for one to avoid rubbing their eyes when itchy. This might cause further irritation and increase symptoms. Cold compresses can also be applied to the eyes for around fifteen to twenty minutes to relieve itchy eye symptoms. 


When seeking vision correction as well as itchy eye relief, people should speak to a LASIK expert in Los Angeles like Doctor Moosa in order to see if they might qualify for laser eye surgery. LASIK can help many individuals achieve 20/20 vision or better, eliminating the need for glasses or contacts and allowing them to regain their independence of sight.