What Your Side of the Bed Says About Your Personality

Has anyone ever asked you, “What’s wrong? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?” While it may seem like just a pithy saying, there actually might be more to this than we think. Sleep experts have theorized that the side of the Orange County mattress you sleep on does matter and is connected to your personality. 

Usually, when someone asks you if you’ve woken up on “the wrong side of the bed,” it means you might be acting a little grumpier than usual. While it is unknown where this famous saying originated, there are theories that it is as old as ancient Rome! Many old superstitions believe that the left side is unlucky and that getting out of your bed on the left side will ruin the rest of your day. While it may be superstitious to believe that getting out of bed on the left side is a recipe for moodiness, it is true that sleeping on the side of the bed you don’t prefer might actually throw your day off. As habitual creatures, switching sides of the mattress may decrease our likelihood of getting a good night’s sleep, which will surely cause us to be grumpier the next day. 

So what makes us choose the side of our Orange County mattress we do in the first place? According to a recent study, the top reason Americans have a sleeping side preference is because it is easier for them to get out of bed on that chosen side. The second biggest reason for bedside choice is because their partner has chosen the other side of the bed first. 

We also sometimes prefer sides of our mattress for practical reasons. If you struggle with claustrophobia, you will likely want to be on the side of the bed farthest from the wall. In contrast, if you are someone who feels safe in enclosed spaces, you will probably choose the side of the bed farthest from the window/door. You may want to choose a side closer to the heater or air conditioner, farther from outside noise or light, or the side with the better view of the TV. 

Now that we’ve covered why we might choose a specific side of the bed, what does the side of the bed you choose say about you? 

According to experts, people who sleep on the left side of the mattress consider themselves more left-brained: more analytical and methodical. 

Some research also suggests that left-side bed sleepers are likely to be cheerful in their demeanor. If you like the left side of the bed, you may have a more positive outlook on life, making it harder for you to be impacted by a stressful day. Those who sleep on the left are also more likely to keep calm in a crisis situation and to be more confident in general. 

The left side is even the preferred side in Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of organizing environments harmoniously. In Feng Shui, getting out of the left side of the bed is linked with power, health and wealth.

The left side is great, but there are still good personality traits associated with those sleepers who prefer the right side. As mentioned earlier, there is good luck associated with the right side! Those who sleep on the right side of the bed aligned themselves with right-brain traits: more intuition and imagination.

At the end of the day, the most important aspect of choosing which side of the bed to sleep on comes down to comfort. Make sure to check out mattress stores in Orange County like Mattress sale Liquidators to find you the perfect mattress to sleep on. There are so many mattress stores that have great deals on mattresses that will make choosing what side of the bed to sleep on pretty hard! Whichever side of the bed makes you most comfortable will be the one that gives you the best night of sleep, which guarantees you won’t wake up with the “wrong side of the bed” mood.