Why You Should Avoid Using Your Phone Before You Sleep

Phones have evolved greatly since their original form to the point where their uses go far beyond simply communicating with others. As a result, we use our phones for many different purposes now, especially when it comes to browsing the internet or watching videos. Whenever you do any of this when you’re trying to sleep, however, this can lead to a whole host of problems that can significantly affect you long term. It can make your investment in a new bed from your local mattress stores in Orange County go to waste if you can’t take steps to sleep properly.


The Bright Light

There’s a reason why people try to sleep with the lights off. It’s to make sure that your circadian rhythm is going the way it needs to be and to shut off any lighting that could activate your brain activity. Such lighting could continue to keep you up at night and make it more difficult for you to go back to sleep after your phone’s screen wakes you up. It’s basically like trying to give your brain a rest when you keep booting it up like a computer at night to stare at whatever content you have on your phone’s screen.


Remove the problem

If you truly want to get rid of the temptation of using your phone at night, the smart thing to do would be to remove the phone from your reach. If out of your reach, your interest and temptation in grabbing and using the phone will be minimized drastically. You will be surprised by just how effective this tactic can be if you put yourself into a position where you have to choose to get up and grab your phone or just decide to go to sleep entirely.


An Alarm clock

One common gripe by people who have suggested this strategy is the fact that many of them need their phones to act as an alarm clock, especially if they need to get up in time for work or school. There is a very simple solution to this problem. Just buy an actual alarm clock and then set it up correctly. If you went through the trouble of going to Orange County mattress stores for a mattress to make you sleep better, then getting a simple alarm clock is no big deal.


Turn off phone

Even if you put your phone out of reach, there are still ways to disrupt your sleep if you don’t take the proper steps. Sometimes you might get a message at night, or you get a notification from an app or even an email on your phone. Turning off your phone can remove a lot of these distractions and thus spare you a lot of grief of going back to sleep.



As you see, there are many ways through which you can circumvent having to go through the usual temptations of phone usage at night, and using these tips mentioned above can ensure that the light from the phone screen doesn’t disrupt your sleep. If you can manage this, getting the rest you need on the bed you got from local mattress stores in Orange County will be of little difficulty.