Wound Healing And low EMF Infrared Sauna

After Christmas last year, I had to visit a local dermatologist. While I was there, he explained that he had decided to buy a low EMF infrared sauna for his clinic.

One of his patients, who was a middle-aged woman, was under treatment because her face was severely damaged by sunlight. Eventually, it was necessary to remove cancerous lesions from her forehead. The cut had to be about a quarter of an inch deep and about half a dollar in size. The operation went smoothly and, after telling the patient how to care for her wound, the doctor told her to come back once a week for four weeks to check the condition of the injury.

She returned in the first week and was in good health – even recovering more than expected. By the third week, her wounds had healed incredibly fast. The doctor asked her what she was doing apart from what he told her to do. How had her condition improved so soon before the expected time? She told him that she was using a low EMF infrared sauna.

After hearing this, the dermatologist did his research, conducted some trial runs, and finally bought in a unit for the office. To this day, he still provides it to patients who need any skin-specific treatment. He was one of the first in his profession to learn that low EMF infrared heat can be beneficial for wound healing and repair.


Health benefits of a low EMF infrared sauna

LOw EMF infrared sauna therapy is proven to provide users with a variety of health benefits. It can be used to detox, lower blood pressure, delay the aging process, and promote healing for skin lesions and wounds. 

Currently, the technology produced by the low EMF infrared sauna heating and phototherapy proves its ability to promote cell regeneration. 

When bathed in warm and soft infrared light waves, wounds, cuts, scars, and even acne can improve almost immediately and will soon heal. Also, as a calorie-based health innovation, low EMF infrared heat can help reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

Cell regeneration can be achieved and, in this therapeutic low EMF infrared environment, all skin abnormalities, including wounds, cuts, and scars, are quickly cured. 


Low EMF infrared detoxification

low EMF infrared sauna therapy can slowly and effectively restore the elimination of skin toxins. The skin is our largest organ and the main elimination channel. For most of us, our skin is hyperemic, inactive, non-toxic, and unable to shed chemicals and metals.

Excessive exposure to the sun, toxic synthetic clothing, and pool chlorine can make it easy for us to bathe in toxic chemicals. These factors can even cause skin cancer. This is why it is important to understand how infrared light and heat can profoundly improve your skin condition. 


Sweating in the infrared sauna

So, how exactly does the process of detoxifying and healing happen? In a word – sweat! Active, healthy sweat is not fun, but it’s also essential. If the body cannot sweat, it will expire. Without the ability to eliminate excess water and salt (a necessary condition to prevent overheating), the body will not be able to maintain a proper balance.

Fortunately, there are many ways to produce healthy sweat. One of the most comfortable and effective methods is to use a low EMF infrared sauna. 

All tissues and cells in our body have unique individual light absorption distinctions. Both the blood and water content of the human skin is increased with sauna use. Therefore, you absorb red light more readily than calcium or phosphorus.

The red light adds energy to skin cells to promote regeneration. In short, it gives your body the ability to heal quickly and effectively.

If you couldn’t sweat a mixture of water and salt to prevent overheating, you could put your body in grave danger. There are many ways to get the benefits of healthy sweating. I found the best way is to do this is to use a low EMF infrared sauna.

The use of low EMF infrared rays is essential and, without a large amount of sweat being expelled, one cannot get rid of toxins released by the sauna. For years, health professionals and health-conscious consumers have praised low EMF infrared saunas for their fantastic contributions to healthy lifestyles.

When sweating in a low EMF infrared sauna, we can help the body remove toxins like mercury, lead, and other pollutants that have accumulated in our system for years. This is necessary when curing various skin abnormalities like acne, psoriasis, and wounds.


All the benefits of a low EMF infrared sauna

Low infrared rays can be particularly useful for those who have certain skin disorders or those who want to improve their skin. Healthy sweat makes your skin glow. 

Regular repeated use of the low EMF infrared sauna can reduce the body’s toxic load. Gentle and warm infrared light promotes sweat, which releases toxins through the entire skin surface.

Low EMF infrared sauna therapy can actively support your body, encourage healing for skin wounds, and grow new, healthier tissue. Infrared light and heat improve the largest organ of the human body — your skin. You can use a 2 person infrared sauna and enjoy a session with your partner too. 


So, are you ready to try your first sauna session?