7 Tea-rific Treats about Tea

One question we humans get asked a lot is, “Coffee or tea?” And while coffee seems to be the trendier drink of choice these days, here’s why a cup of tea-rific tea can beat a cup of coffee any day. They have a ton of health benefits for our bodies in just one cup, and they come in lots of fun and interesting flavors.

Treat yourself to a cup of tea-rific tea today!


1. It is Widely Consumed Around the World

Coming up behind water as the most-consumed drink in the world is tea. In fact, in the United States alone, over 159 million Americans drink tea on any given day. In the United Kingdom, tea is considered a meal by itself! It usually occurs during the late afternoon or early evening.

However, keep in mind that not everybody drinks tea the same way. Some people could be drinking it as iced tea, others could be having it as sugary-sweet bubble tea, while others do the classic hot tea in a big mug! Tea is a cultural phenomenon that is consumed in different ways across the globe.


2. It is Good for the Heart

Studies have shown that tea consumption is linked with lower LDL cholesterol and higher HDL cholesterol. If you didn’t know already, having low LDL and high HDL is associated with less risk of heart-related problems, especially as you age. Since our bodies’ supply of HDL naturally decreases as we get older, maintaining good levels now is important to have a healthy heart for as long as possible.

Keep in mind that this health benefit only works for simple teas like plain black or green tea. Don’t go around thinking bubble tea will be good for your heart!


3. It is Extremely Low in Calories

Tea without milk or sugar is so low in calories that they’re virtually non-existent. If you’re not a fan of drinking water or just have a hard time drinking as much water as you should, you should definitely consider tea. They can fill your tummy without adding pounds around your belly.

And speaking of pounds, did you know that tea can also be great for weight loss? Researchers discovered that tea, particularly green tea, speeds up your metabolism. Having a healthy metabolism is essential if you want your body to burn calories and absorb nutrients efficiently.


4. It Comes from the Same Plant

Did you know that all real teas (i.e., black, white, oolong, green) are made from the same plant? It is called Camellia sinensis, and the reason these teas taste so different is because of how they’re processed. For example, the leaves from which black tea comes has been oxidized more.

Other teas like jasmine, chamomile, and lavender are herbal teas and don’t come from Camellia. However, they’re just as good as the original teas! You can also experiment with fruit and vegetable teas like raspberry, ginger, and turmeric.


5. It is Good for Hydration

Just because tea isn’t water doesn’t mean it’s not just as good! A cup of tea is made of 99% water, so it should be just as hydrating. On top of that, its hydrating properties negate any diuretic effects it may have, something that caffeine cannot boast about.

Like we said earlier, if you have problems with your water intake, try drinking lots of tea instead! It might even be more palatable for you if you don’t have fresh water available since water first has to be boiled for the tea to steep.


6. It is Packed with Flavonoids

Flavonoids are all-natural plant compounds that are rich in antioxidants. They help flush out harmful toxins in the body and protect you from potentially life-threatening diseases like diabetes and cancer. They also improve your body’s condition by speeding up your metabolism, promoting blood flow, aiding in weight loss, and so much more.

For your reference, did you know that a cup of black tea has 170 mg of flavonoids? A cup of broccoli only has 3 mg!


7. It is Very Versatile

There are many kinds of teas in the market today! From original teas to fruit-infused teas to flower-infused teas, we’re sure there’s a tea out there that can suit anybody’s palate. There are even such things as chocolate tea, blue tea, and tomato mint tea!

On top of that, you can add almost anything to tea to make it taste even more tea-rific. Milk, sugar, and honey are the most common add-ons to tea, but you can go crazy with tapioca pearls, cream cheese, fruit jellies, and other crazy concoctions that the younger generations like to whip up these days.